Brea M. Model Session

Brea, who happens to be my gorgeous Goddaughter is an up and coming model. I have known her all her life and have watched her grow into a beautiful young woman. Brea like most 15 year old young ladies, makeup, boys, clothing, and hanging out with friends is all the craze. Brea is in the process of getting herself signed with a modeling agency and I couldn’t have been happier to photograph her in studio over winter break.

I’ve always loved fashion, the models, and just the idea of high heels and a super fab outfit. I’ve worked in clothing retail up until two years ago, and I was, and still am in tune with the current fashion trends. For me, I like to style my clients and help bust them out of their comfort zone. A basic tank and blue jeans is a no brainier when it comes to head shots. A style board is made by me with your ideas in mind. We will work together to pick out 3-5 outfits for your studio session. Make up and hair will be styled from a natural look for a more defined look depending on your outfit choices. Yes, hair and makeup are included with your branding session.



Styling and fashion go hand in hand. I loved putting this super trendy outfit together for Brea. She rocked this outfit for sure! When Brea and I went shopping we both had a vision. I wanted SEQUINS! Brea did not! I pulled together this amazing outfit from three different stores for her. Victoria Secret for the awesome sequin bandeau, American Eagle Skinny Jeans, and Dynamite for the silk zip up jacket. Oh and we can’t forget Aldo for the shoes! Once this was on Brea fell in love! She rocked this outfit and we got so many amazing shots!








Brea looked absolutely fabulous in this red dress from Zara, black trench from Forever 21 and her amazing Christian Louboutin Shoes. We decided to go for a natural look with a bright red pouty lip and a low pony to complete her look. Why not toss in an old doctors stool to make this shoot more interesting!





One of the reason why Brea is so good at modeling is you can dress her in any style, any genre, and she can totally rock it. When styling Brea for this shoot she wanted to wear something that was different that spoke to her fun and playful side. So we headed over to Zumies and she picked out these awesome camo parachute pants. Now I don’t know how old my readers are but I will tell you this, I remember these from the 90’s. Shhh…. I’m not THAT old!






This was one of many fashion model shoots that I have done over the past few weeks. I’m excited to share more with you and hope that YOU yourself might consider a “branding” or “model” session of your own. You get one on one styling time with myself in a chilled and relaxed environment. We shoot for at least 3 hours, and we have fun! I love to get to know my clients and I want YOU to love your looks and the end result.



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