Savannah GA Visit

I visited Savannah GA

in January, and she sure did steal my heart! There is so much history in this town and I just couldn’t soak it all in fast enough. Here is a really great site that tells you all about Savannah and how in 1733 General James Oglethorpe and the 120 passengers of the good ship “Anne” landed on a bluff high along the Savannah River in February.

From the tree lined streets to the beautiful Spanish moss this city will be sure to give you the perfect southern charm that you crave! When we arrived on Friday we walked around the city and I visited Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Of course I left my camera in the hotel room. To be honest I was so tired of carrying it around . So the good old handy cell phone had to do! As a good Catholic that I am I was amazed by the inside of this building. It was hands down STUNNING. The artwork, the pews, and the feel of the building took my breath away.

Walking the streets of Savannah is just breathtaking. Everything from how clean the streets are, quint coffee shops, to the friendly people. Even the Starbucks at the Savannah Hilton-head airport were some of the nicest people I’ve ever encountered. Southern hospitality is still alive and well in the south!

So now on to the really, really, REALLY GREAT STUFF!

Why did I travel all the way to GA in the first place? Well to attend an amazing wedding workshop held by the very awesome and fantastic Twisted Oaks Studio. Jay and Sandi are two of the most engaging people that I’ve ever met. Willing to hold a workshop in a different state with total strangers and willing to offer up their business knowledge, shooting style, and love for the art of photography was enough to light my passion even more!

So onto the good stuff so to say!

Special Thank you to Jay and Sandi Cassairo for hosting the Savannah workshop . I learned a great deal of information that I know will continue to fuel my photography soul!

Special Thank you to Leica Camera for providing some awesome gear for us to play with while in Savannah! These cameras are really amazing , and it was fun playing around with something new!

To our fabulous models and fellow photographers Savannah McGraw And Ian Victor Santiago , thank you for putting up with all of us telling you where to go and how to look! It was a chilly day, but you both rocked it!

Savannah GA

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