Welcome 2021! The Creative Shutter Photography

2020 Peace out. We won’t miss you!

Where do we start?

2020 was a roller-coaster of emotions, questions, being uncomfortable, and just a wicked crazy year! At the end of 2019 I was planning my big 40 get away with no kids and just my husband. We were planning for an amazing get away that we both desperately needed! Trust me we still went away and enjoyed every minute of those few days! However we came back to uncertainty. Would I be able to work? Would my husband be able to work? What the hell is going on?!?!

Until the shut down…

We were worried. I had just signed a lease in Haddonfield NJ and was ready to make my dream come true with having my very own studio space. A space where I could be creative and be me. Well I got scared. With no income coming in I had to give up my dream location and close up shop for a few months. However that didn’t stop me from photographing my family, really the kids, my neighbors, and my dog! You will see tons of family images below!

So 2020, this is how you ended.

2020 taught me a lot.

It taught me to let go of toxic relationships, focus on those that truly cared for me. Also taught me to slow the F*#% down. My family needed me more than ever. These kids haven’t seen a school classroom WITHOUT wearing a mask since March 11th. They have been by my side for 9 months. 9 amazing, yet hectic months. As a family unit we spent more time together. We rode bikes almost everyday during the spring, summer, and most of the fall. I personally took up walking with the beast, aka my dog. We would walk 5-8 miles a day. It was great for both of us. Both of us got to work out, and I got to rack up my Audiobooks! 2020 was a strange one, however it brought families closer together and community’s together. I starting seeing people that I never knew had dogs!

As I close a door on 2020 I look back and reflect on my growth personally and professionally. I was able to hone in on my niche for boudoir while still capturing those amazing family moments. Still shooting all of those weddings, it just looked different. No matter what, people are still getting engaged, still wanting to capture family moments, and of course still wanting to get all glammed up and photographed in anything but clothing! HAHA

Goodbye 2020. HELLO 2021

SO what’s in store for 2021? Well I have a whole hell of a lot coming your way! My brand has taken a slight shift to photographing just boudoir. It is a niche that I 100% LOVE and it makes me happy! Don’t get me wrong I still love capturing your little ones and all of those wedding details! I’m still great at all of that! However with boudoir it sparks a side of me I love. I’m passionate about everything I do and you can feel it when you first meet me to the time I send over your final gallery. I hope you all enjoy images from my 2020 sessions! Some I wasn’t able to share but these ones are pretty awesome!

So peace out 2020. We won’t miss you!

I hope to see ALL of you in 2021!

xoxo ~ Laura

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