Glamour Wings.

why you need them for your photoshoot! Glamour wings. Why you need them for your photoshoot! Did you know I offer a verity of amazing real Ostridge feather wings? Before I launched my boudoir brand I stumbled upon and amazing designer in the the mid west that makes these awesome ...
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Kim Talks about her boudoir experience.

Kim talks about her boudoir experience.

First and foremost Laura is the best boudoir photographer on the east coast. Her attention to detail is unmatched! I was extremely nervous for my first boudoir shoot with Laura. I have never done a photoshoot with lingerie and didn’t know how to pose or what to bring or even ...
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The Creative shutter photography

My “WHY” behind my boudoir photography

It was just a thought. In July 2018 I was heading to shoot a family beach session in Brigantine NJ. One of my best friends who happens to also be an amazing wedding and portrait photographer was in AC shooting a boudoir session for one of her clients. Since we ...
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Kirsten's boudoir session

Kirsten’s Boudoir Experience with The Creative Shutter Boudoir studio!

When I asked Kirsten to write about her experience with her boudoir session I knew she wouldn't say no! Here are her words on how much fun she had! I was really hesitant to agree to completing a boudoir shoot.  Is my body right for this? What about the dimples ...
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Boduoir shower set

Busting Excuses

Why you deserve a boudoir experience As women when we are nervous or scared, we make excuses. Excuses not to love ourselves, and even to not take care of ourselves. Sometimes for us it can be more important to spend time with our loved ones. We also like to use ...
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NJ Boudoir

Top 12 most frequently asked questions about boudoir photography.

What women are asking us when they inquire The thought of a boudoir session can be confusing and a bit scary. So many questions to ask. When talking to women about their session, I get asked all kinds of questions. So I have compiled a list of my 12 top ...
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pin up boudoir

Pinup Boudoir Photography

If you’re considering a gorgeous, feminine photo session that will help showcase your unique beauty, a Pinup Boudoir photo shoot is what you need. But first understanding the concept of pin up boudoir will help you choose the type of photo shoot that works best for you and your vision. ...
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The Creative Shutter photography

Yoga Poses And Boudoir Photos

How different Yoga poses give your boudoir photoshoot a sexy edge. Are you thinking about how you are going to pose for your boudoir photo shoot? If you’re going to do a boudoir photography shoot, then you need some killer poses up your sleeve. Lucky for you this article will have ...
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Milk Bath Maternity boudoir Photos

What are milk baths, and why they are the latest trend? Have you seen maternity boudoir photos online of pregnant women in milk baths? If you’re tapped into the world of pregnancy trends, you’ve likely seen milk bath maternity photos. These striking images are taking the boudoir maternity photography world ...
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The Creative Shutter

10 Creative & Beautiful Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas

10 Creative & Beautiful Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas If you think all maternity photos are the same, think again. Just like any other photo session, your maternity shoot should be about capturing your personality and celebrating your unique and wonderful pregnancy journey. Check out these 10 ideas for making your ...
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Boudoir sessions

Top 6 Ways to Prepare for Your Boudoir Session

You’ve taken the leap and scheduled your boudoir session! Now what? Preparing for your session can help you feel more comfortable and enjoy the experience more. Plus, the more at ease you feel, the better your images will be! Be sure to talk to your photographer about how best to ...
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Wedding boudoir

Why You Should Consider a Bridal Boudoir Session

Your wedding day allows you to be the star of the show. From getting ready to walking down the aisle to family photos, you’ll be in front of the camera all day and will have plenty of images to look back on. But many brides don’t think about another opportunity ...
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