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2020 Peace out. We won’t miss you!

Where do we start? 2020 was a roller-coaster of emotions, questions, being uncomfortable, and just a wicked crazy year! At the end of 2019 I was planning my big 40 get away with no kids and just my husband. We were planning for an amazing get away that we both ...
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Pineapples, take care of yourself

How to Take Care of Yourself

These days, we hear a lot about self-care and the importance of taking time out to maintain your mental health. Just like you practice good hygiene by brushing your teeth and taking regular showers, it’s important to practice good mental and emotional hygiene. Self-care looks different for everyone, but there ...
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Create a Unique & Sexy Gift

Unsure what to get the love of your life for a birthday or holiday? An album of boudoir photos can make a surprising and moving gift for your significant other, regardless of the occasion, but figuring out how to present your photos can be a challenge. Create a sexy slideshow ...
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Celebrate a Milestone with a Boudoir Session

If you’re looking for a reason to do a boudoir shoot, a major milestone in your life can be a great time to capture some new, professional images of yourself. Whether you’re celebrating a big birthday or dealing with a change in your life, like an empty nest, boudoir can ...
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Top 6 Ways to Prepare for Your Boudoir Session

You’ve taken the leap and scheduled your boudoir session! Now what? Preparing for your session can help you feel more comfortable and enjoy the experience more. Plus, the more at ease you feel, the better your images will be! Check out the Top 6 Ways to Prepare for Your Boudoir ...
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Why You Should Consider a Bridal Boudoir Session

Your wedding day allows you to be the star of the show. From getting ready to walking down the aisle to family photos, you’ll be in front of the camera all day and will have plenty of images to look back on. But many brides don’t think about another opportunity ...
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Harrah's AC boudoir session

Love yourself

Love yourself, just a little bit more. Ladies, it's time you love yourself, just a little bit more. Loving yourself consists of so much more than taking a minute or two each day to refocus. As women we are constantly on the move, whether you are a mom juggling your ...
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Boudoir Sessions, What to Wear?

Feeling sexy? I got you covered! So you’ve booked your very first boudoir session, or maybe it’s your 2nd or 3rd! Now you want to know how to prepare for this amazing pampering session! Well I have you covered! Just sit back and take it all in! Check out this ...
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Children, Tweens, and Teens, OH MY!

Back in December over winter break I was able to photograph some amazing children, tweens, and teens! Children, tweens, & Teens! Check out each child’s personalities below! The Steiner girls. I’ve know them since they were in their mothers belly! I’ve celebrated 20 years of friendship with these girls mother ...
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Sunflower sessions

I was so excited to capture so many new families for my limited edition sunflower sessions in August. Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers. It reminds me of growing up in farmland in southern Chester County. My mother would always plant them and I would love watching the birds ...
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Happy Anniversary Jason & Dustin! ~7/7/17 Anchor Inn Pasadena MD~

I can't believe it's been a year since I photographed these two! I've known Jason since my retail PacSun days circa 2011 when my husband and I decided to up and move to MD. Jason and I stayed in close contact over the years and when he called me and ...
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