Bye Bye NJ – Hello York PA

It’s been a full month in the new house. Not a new state, but new area for sure! Last weekend I moved out of my NJ studio and dissolved my NJ business. If that didn’t hit my gut super hard I don’t know what did. After building my NJ brand for more than FOUR years I find myself rebuilding in a WHOLE NEW MARKET! Bye Bye NJ- Hello York PA!

Can we just admire this amazing sunrise from two days ago? LIKE I get to see this everyday and night! SWOON!

Laura M Turner York PA

It hasn’t been easy.

But honestly what is these days? Covid totally tossed a monkey wrench in everyone lives for sure back in 2020. So here I am working on ALL the new things, refocusing on what drives me. That happens to be me behind the camera being your BIGGEST hype girl possible. Like for reals, I’m THEE HYPE GIRL! Just ask any of the amazing babes that I have photographed over the past four years! Check out the private FB group and they will tell you!

Family life.. You ask?

Kids are settling in just fine, dog is finally relaxed and sleeping on ALL the furniture. She still barks at all the things, but she’s happy here! We are still working on getting everything up on the walls, that has been a whole process. Being that all of September I was in NJ on the weekends wrapping up the rest of my sessions. But we are getting there!

The new Studio…

Oh man. This one is gonna be a hard one! While I am booked out for the rest of the year between a Lancaster PA studio and Philadelphia PA studio finding a space in York PA has been, well let’s just say HELLA STRESSFUL! Like I want the city feel, but with a large parking lot, and open fields, and big windows. I want to best space that fits my style, and my clients needs. SO here’s to finding something amazing by December! Cause you ladies that have your sessions on the books for 2024, we are coming in HOT!

The Re-brand

It’s coming. All the new things. Sometimes we as creatives need to shake things up. So while I up and moved almost 3 hours away, I think it’s time to do a little clean up. That’s from front of house to the back. We are starting fresh real soon! So stay tuned for all the good things. All you lucky ladies on this email list will be notified first!

Black Friday?

Speaking of re-branding. I’ll be launching a very special Black Friday “Pre-Sale” on November 1st. So you don’t want to miss out on booking with me for 2024! SO stay on the email list and if you still wanna chat before this “Pre-Sale” drops holla via this link!

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