Karen talks about her experience with The Creative Shutter Studio

I love what I do, and I love that my clients do too!

One thing I love is when my clients talk about their sessions with me. Karen, who has had not one, two, but THREE boudoir sessions with me talks about her experience. It truly makes my little photographer heart skip a beat when my clients talk about how a session made them feel. Now that I’ve moved to York PA I know my boudoir clients will travel to me! I’m so honored that my clients value my craft an keep coming back for more boudoir sessions!

Read Karen’s story!

I can’t remember how or when I first heard of Laura and The Creative Shutter boudoir studio, honestly feels like a long time. I don’t know if I was having a midlife crisis or just decided to do something fun for myself but one day I convinced myself to just go for it. Laura had posted a “Honey Baby” model call which sounded super fun so I applied, can I tell you how happy I am that I did! Her communication was excellent, from her initially reaching out to me via email to our session and everything in between. After the initial contact she does a very thorough phone consultation and really gets to know you. Laura explains everything in detail regarding what to expect leading up to the day of your shoot and the session itself. During the call and the time leading up to the day of she’s available to answer any questions, give suggestions for outfit/hair/makeup options as well as calm your nerves and get you psyched for the shoot.

Karen talks about her experience with The Creative Shutter Boudoir Studio. York PA photographer, sexy photoshoot

Yup. I’m your biggest hype girl!

My first time meeting Laura face to face was the day of my session. Right away she’s your biggest cheerleader & really works on building up your confidence. Her energy is seriously contagious! Hair and makeup were included in my session and I’ve never felt more beautiful. Then came time for the shoot. I still wasn’t 100% confident in my ability to do it but Laura make it so easy. After snapping a few photos she could sense my nervousness and stopped to reassure me and showed me some images. “Wow” was the only word that came to mind, somehow she captured the image of a gorgeous self-confident woman in me. That alone was priceless to me.

Sexy photoshoot, York PA, Client testimonial

Image reveal are everything!

After the session Laura has you ‘take 5’ while she uploads and does an initial review of the images. If not decided prior, she has you review the packages she offers and allows you to select which option(s) you’d like. Then comes the most EXCITING part, the IMAGE REVEAL. After reviewing the photos, you select which to include in your album. You get to see yourself through the lens of such an outstanding & amazing photographer, who will showcase your beauty in ways you’ve never seen. The only thing that outshines her photography skills is her professionalism. The session comes to an end after the order is placed, and the timeline for the prints to come in is discussed. Laura follows up regularly after the session to keep you updated on your order. 

Before and after the creative shutter boudoir, york pa studio

Allow yourself to see the Badass Goddess you are through her vision, you deserve it!

It’s time to do something for YOU!!!

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