Kim Talks about her boudoir experience.

Kim talks about her boudoir experience.

First and foremost Laura is the best boudoir photographer on the east coast. Her attention to detail is unmatched! I was extremely nervous for my first boudoir shoot with Laura. I have never done a photoshoot with lingerie and didn’t know how to pose or what to bring or even to expect. Laura crushed all of my insecurities with a consultation that answered all of my questions. She made me so comfortable on the phone that my anxiety went to excitement!

IFBB Pro Kimberley, Kim Talks about her boudoir experience.
The Creative Shutter Boudoir studio, IFBB Kimberly Sayers

Talk about detail!

Laura’s extensive closet and props showed her growing passion to make her clients feel their absolute best at their most vulnerable. The lingerie I brought plus Laura’s client closet made for an epic shoot because of all of the possibilities! Everything from posing ideas that best fit my body type, professional hair, make and back drops, is covered through Laura’s vision!

She is friendly, professional and out going! She will make you feel so comfortable! I can’t express enough on how much fun Laura makes the boudoir session! Even though it was my first time, I felt like a professional model because of the direction Laura gave.

IFBB Pro Kimberly Sayers,
Kim Talks about her boudoir experience.
IFBB Pro Kimberly Sayers

I wanted to capture my femininity.

As a fitness trainer I wanted to try and capture my femininity in a sexy/ beautiful way! Laura did just that! The silhouette she captured was that “it” photo! Ladies her vision for you will be unmatched from any other photographer! I cannot stress enough, Laura will make all of your insecurities disappear and show you through her lens the beauty everyone else sees!! I can’t wait to book another session!

My last session with Laura was June of 2021! She captured me three days before I stepped on stage for my Pro Card! I was in awe of how my physique was captured. From our first session to my last session in June I can not stop falling in love with every photo from my shoots!

IFBB PRO Kimberly Sayers
IFBB PRO Kimberley Sayers

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Laura Turner

The Creative Shutter - Lead Photographer

About the Author

Laura is a boudoir photographer in southern New Jersey who helps women see their true vision and beauty through her lens. She is known for her amazing feather wings, beautiful robes, and large client closet that everyone has access to when they walk into her studio.

When Laura is not taking photos, she’s a busy mom of two who loves spending time with her family and enjoys staying fit by training for her next fitness competition. Her favorite foods are tacos and chocolate cake.

Laura is known for her strong work ethic, dedication, and laser focus when it comes to achieving her goals. Her commitment to her clients is what makes her one of the best boudoir photographers in the tri state area.

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