Let’s Talk about those Glamor Wings!

Why You need to have the Glamor Wings for your boudoir session! 

Did you know that The Creative Shutter Boudoir studio is the ONLY studio in the Tristate to offer amazing glamor wings for your session? When you book a session with me you not only get that one on one attention but, you have access to the entire client closet including our amazing wings! These wings are a HUGE investment to our studio and we just love offering them to each and every client that walks into our York PA or Voorhees NJ studio! 

We have 7 colors in the closet

White, blush, red, black, teal, amethyst, and periwinkle with peacock feathers! Who Wouldn’t want to be smothered by these perfectly crafted wings? Check out the inventory below, and let me know what one(s) is your favorite!

Red Leah Maria Wings

The Red wings are one of the newest colors added to the mix, they look perfect against the black wall! These get use the most around the holiday’s and Valentines Day! Let’s get you on our schedule today! Click here!

Leah Maria Blush Wings, Boudoir wings

The Blush wings were the 2nd pair that was added to the NJ studio back in 2020! These bad boys look amazing on all skin tones!

White wings for boudoir session

The White wings haven’t seen many requests over the past year, so it’s time to part ways! They will be retired at the end of 2023!

Black wings for a boudoir session,, York Pa

AHH the Black wings! These were my FIRST set when I started out in 2019, I love these wings so much!

Amethyst wings, Leah Maria Clothing & CO, Lancaster PA Boudoir

Amethyst was a recent add as of 2022.

Peacock wings from Leah Maria Couture, Lancaster Pa Photographer, Central PA's #1 boudoir photographer

The “Peacock” wings were added in 2021 and will be retired at the end of 2023. These babies don’t get out of the box much these days!

Teal wings, Portrait photography, Philadelphia Boudoir

Teal wings! This is a MUST for every session! The most requested color in the studio! Our wings are made with a highest quality Ostridge feathers by an amazing designer Leah Maria Clothing & CO

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