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What are milk baths, and why they are the latest trend?

Have you seen maternity boudoir photos online of pregnant women in milk baths? If you’re tapped into the world of pregnancy trends, you’ve likely seen milk bath maternity photos. These striking images are taking the boudoir maternity photography world by storm—and with good reason! They’re unique and artistic, capturing a new mom-to-be in all her beauty as she anticipates the arrival of her baby into the world.

Milk bath boudoir photography involves placing a pregnant woman in a bathtub full of milk, surrounding her with flowers, herbs or other plants. The combination of the white of the milk in the bath, and the color of the floral’s creates stunning imagery, and shows the expecting mother in all her glory.` While it’s unknown where exactly the idea of milk bath photography first originated, the idea of bathing in milk goes back to ancient times and was thought to help a woman enhance and maintain her youthful glow, legend has it that Cleopatra took milk baths in ancient Egypt. They are a great way to moisturize your skin

These unique and beautiful images go beyond the traditional maternity photos. Milk bath photo styles flips the idea that pregnant women can’t be sexy, providing moms-to-be with a truly incredible experience, and images that they’re sure to love.

Is milk bath photography safe?

There are some things to take into consideration if you want to take milk bath maternity photos, so it’s best to book a session with an experienced photographer who knows how to plan the sessions for the safety of the woman and her developing baby.

It’s important to use fresh, pasteurized milk as unpasteurized milk can contain bacteria that can be dangerous to a developing fetus. Your photographer will also have to ensure that the milk isn’t hot or spoiled. And if you’re lactose intolerant, sorry, but these sessions just aren’t for you! You don’t want to have an allergic reaction.

If you do decide to book a milk bath maternity session, be sure to talk in detail with Laura about any allergies or skin sensitivities you may have so they can plan accordingly.

Are milk baths good for your skin?

Have you heard the slogan “milk does a body good”? It turns out that milk does the skin great. Milk baths have been part of beauty and relaxation rituals for centuries. Cleopatra famously bathed in sour milk to improve her skin texture. And for good reason. The lactic acid in milk acts as a mild alpha hydroxy acid, which helps with exfoliation.

This helps to smooth the skin’s texture and get rid of dry, rough patches. The lactic acid in milk can help your skin feel smoother. Milk baths can also treat some frequent ailments, including sunburns and poison ivy rashes. The proteins and vitamins will help calm inflammation and moisturize. If you’re treating a sunburn, we have found that applying aloe vera after your milk bath helps skin retain moisture. “Milk baths can have tons of great benefits for your skin.

What should I wear for a milk bath photo session?

The expectant mothers can pose in a variety of outfits like lace, tulle dresses, lingerie, bathing suits or even nude. by choosing an outfit made of a thin or sheer material can give that elegant look, as these materials photograph best in milk and. Talk to Laura about what outfits she recommends and use your upcoming session as an excuse to go shopping! You can also choose from our client closet!

Why should I consider a milk bath session?

Let’s face it, pregnancy isn’t always the most glamorous time of your life. Between morning sickness and your growing belly, you may often feel uncomfortable or unattractive. A maternity session is the perfect way to feel gorgeous again, to focus on you and feel like the beautiful, incredible woman you are.

A milk bath session takes the glamour up a notch and allows you to feel like a model. It’s a pampering experience that can make you feel like a queen. And what woman doesn’t want that?

Lets connect and start with a consultation over the phone to discuss your vision for your session.

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Laura Turner

The Creative Shutter - Lead Photographer

About the Author

Laura is a boudoir photographer in southern New Jersey who helps women see their true vision and beauty through her lens. She is known for her amazing feather wings, beautiful robes, and large client closet that everyone has access to when they walk into her studio.

When Laura is not taking photos, she’s a busy mom of two who loves spending time with her family and enjoys staying fit by training for her next fitness competition. Her favorite foods are tacos and chocolate cake.

Laura is known for her strong work ethic, dedication, and laser focus when it comes to achieving her goals. Her commitment to her clients is what makes her one of the best boudoir photographers in the tri state area.

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