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My body building journey

If you follow me on my social media, in my private boudoir group on FaceBook; then you know that in April of 2022 I competed in my first ever NPC Body Building competition. At 42 mother of two kids, wife, AND Full time boudoir photographer you might ask HOW?!! I’ll tell you how, it wasn’t easy. Being a South NJ Boudoir Photographer working 4-5 days a week on top of training for 2 hours every day, it was HARD!

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I love empowering women. It’s what I do on a daily, and jump starting this journey wasn’t easy. It wasn’t even a thought when I started working out with an amazing personal trainer Kimberly Sayers with Heart Fitness. I started training back in June of 2021 not realizing that I wanted to focus on more than just my weight loss. I wanted to set an example for my daughter, I wanted to be an inspiration for my clients, friends, and for myself.

How hard was it you ask?

It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I’m already super competitive with all things! Coming from a solid retail background it wasn’t hard for me to fall into a routine. 3:30 am wake up calls and two hours at the gym 5 days a week. Followed by getting my two kids up and and ready for school then off the the studio where I would empower my amazing boudoir clients. Being a South NJ Boudoir Photographer is a full time job! I’m one of the most sought out photographers in the area. My clients travel from all over the Tri-State just for my service. I am one busy lady! Want more info on a session? Contact me!

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I wouldn’t have made it without my support system!

I think my biggest fans were my two amazing kids. Both wouldn’t let me fall of my game plan! They would encourage daily walks and bike rides to keep up with my cardio!

LAura MArie Turner
My two little gremlins!

Day of the show

When I started my journey I weighed in at 176 pounds. When I took the stage I was at least 128. I have never been that lean in my adult life. Trust me I was not healthy! Do not think that body building is super glam and healthy! When you are prepping for a show it takes atoll on your body. I learned a LOT about my body. From pulling all of my favorite foods, to the massive amount of proteins I was consuming put my system in to somewhat of a shock. So much that a CT scan was needed for the massive amount of pain I was in, lets just say we were just a little *backed* up! haha The CT scan did reveal a small hernia on my belly button. As I leaned out the pain increased, especially when I worked weddings. I remember laying on the floor at Lucien’s in pain because my camera hit my belly button. HOLY CRAP DID IT HURT!

Best coach in the Biz?

Yeah she’s kinda awesome! Kimberly is not only a great coach but an amazing friend! I’ve been training with Kim for going on three years, and body building training with her for a year. She is the best cheerleader anyone can ask for! She also is an amazing boudoir client too! Check her out

Post show

Was it hard to bounce back? Reverse diet is for real! I still had to eat correctly so I didn’t shock my system. Trust me I did indulge after the competition. It’s OKAY! I don’t want to be super lean all year long. I want to grow my muscle and still stay healthy! So three months later I am thriving and growing my physique to be the bigger better version of myself! Last week I had my hernia repaired and I’m currently in recovery. Taking the next 6 weeks off to recover so I can continue on my Body Building journey! I’ll spare you that photo! It’s not a pretty one!

Special thank you Jay at Twisted Oaks Studio for capturing all my photos post show!

OH MY you might ask how did I place! HAHA well Masters over 35 2nd place True Novice 4th place, Novice 5th place! Not bad for my first go!

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Laura Turner

The Creative Shutter - Lead Photographer

About the Author

Laura is a boudoir photographer in southern New Jersey who helps women see their true vision and beauty through her lens. She is known for her amazing feather wings, beautiful robes, and large client closet that everyone has access to when they walk into her studio.

When Laura is not taking photos, she’s a busy mom of two who loves spending time with her family and enjoys staying fit by training for her next fitness competition. Her favorite foods are tacos and chocolate cake.

Laura is known for her strong work ethic, dedication, and laser focus when it comes to achieving her goals. Her commitment to her clients is what makes her one of the best boudoir photographers in the tri state area.

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