“There’s a little witch in all of us.”

Did someone say a little “Hocus Pocus”?

The one thing I LOVE about the fall is Halloween. I remember as a kid always decorating my yard with bales of hay, scarecrow people, and all the pumping heads possible! As a kid we would always have a fun festival at school where everyone would be able to bring in goodies to share and we would follow up with a fun Halloween parade. Now that was back in the 80’s and we all know things have changed since! Growing up in Wagontown Pennsylvania we didn’t have the fun city events. We would just run a muck in the neighborhood waiting for the full moon on the horizon.  Ladies, “There’s a little witch in all of us”!

So what does this have to do with me now?

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Even now with my kids I try to go all out for this ONE day of the year. So last fall I bribed my daughter, YES she might be cute but she doesn’t always let me photograph her! So one day we went to the local park in our Cherry Hill NJ neighborhood and had a little fun! We hit up our local Michaels craft store got some skulls, candles, witchy hats, and of course I had to get smoke bombs from Shutter Bombs! If you are a photographer and are looking for great quality you need to check them out!

Coven, witch photoshoot, Creative session

Practical magic? “There’s a little witch in all of us.” 

Do you know how many times I was told my daughter looks like Nicole Kidman in Practical Magic? Like way too much! Also side note, I had never watched that movie until so many told me my kid looked like her! She is my little muse and I loved letting her experiment with her creatively! Within that same week we held our first ever fee event for our private Boudoir community. Let’s just say it was over the top witchy and I was in awe of the amazing ladies that showed up! 

Halloween Mr. & Mrs. Pumpkin head 2023

Fall 2023 we will be doing this in York, Pa! So stay tuned for Mr. and Mrs. Pumpkin head coming your way soon! As always ladies if you haven’t joined the private Facebook group you are MISSING out! SO get yourself in the exclusive group asap! 

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