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Top 12 most frequently asked questions about boudoir photography.

What women are asking us when they inquire

The thought of a boudoir session can be confusing and a bit scary. So many questions to ask. When talking to women about their session, I get asked all kinds of questions. So I have compiled a list of my top 12 most frequently asked questions about boudoir photography to give you some insight on prepping for your boudoir session with me.

Top 12 most frequently asked questions about boudoir photography.

Do you share my images?

My number one priority is to make sure all of my clients are comfortable, especially with boudoir! It can be a life-changing experience but that also makes it nerve-racking! Sometimes, you are learning how to love your body and you aren’t quite ready to share the images with the world, or sometimes these photos are specifically for your spouse and aren’t for anyone else’s eyes. These are great reasons to not share your photos, and it depends on your personal preference! When sharing images you must sign a image release agreement prior to your session however I only share images of those that give permission and or a specified model call where I will have ladies apply to model for a session and those images are typically the ones that I share.

Do I have to wear lingerie?

You definitely have to wear what’s comfortable for you and your personality. There are a bunch of different ideas that you can use for an outfit that doesn’t have to be specifically lingerie that will still allow you to look and feel sexy.

Do you have payment plans?

We do offer payment arrangements! There is a session fee that is due upon booking your shoot, once you choose a collection of images to purchase we can set up a payment plan. Each payment plan must be paid in full the day prior to your session. If you want more time to pay off this shoot you can schedule a few months ahead to be able to pay it off in payments prior to your scheduled session date. Let me know if there is something that you would like to set up.

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Do I need to get my hair and makeup done, or is it included?

Hair and make up is included in all of our boudoir session fee! It’s very important for you to feel pampered and having your hair and makeup done is a great way to feel like that! We have two amazing professional Hair and Makeup artists, whether it’s Natural and soft to full glam, they can help you complete your desired look. You can also bring any ideas that you would like for your hair and makeup to your session for inspiration. We’ve put together an amazing Pinterest board where you can grab ideas from! Check it out!

Do you photoshop my photos?

When it comes to Photoshop I will Photoshop blemishes I will edit light exposure and color balance however I do not edit anything out as far as your size or parts that make you who you are. The point of having a boudoir session is to be able to embrace yourself to empower yourself and to love yourself.

Where should I buy my outfits?

There are a few different places to buy lingerie from and it depends on what you were looking for and what style of your shoe that you wanted to accomplish! There’s a long list to choose from with different styles and sizing adoreme.com torrid Shein are a few of our favorites. If you were looking for something specific, maybe we can help you just let me know and I can give you a few more links to check out for different outfits. When having your boudoir session you really only need a fist full of underwear and a manicure and your all set! You can also check out one of my Blogs on where to shop here!

How many outfits do I need?

It’s always a good idea to bring at least 3 to 4 outfits to your boudoir session. However we still have the client wardrobe that you can pick pieces out of if you wanted to wear something or sell something a little bit different that I have in the client closet. We also have tons of super “FUN ROBES” and our amazing feather luxury wings!

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Top 12 most frequently asked questions about boudoir photography.

How can I calm my nerves before my session?

Being nervous is part of the experience. It would be weird if we weren’t nervous right? The nervousness in the beginning of your session it’s normal, however once you get into it you’ll be able to feel a lot more comfortable and at ease. I also try to ease your nerves leading up to your session via text or a quick phone call! Dnon’t worry, YOU GOT THIS!

What time should I arrive at my session?

All sessions start at 9:30 in the morning on the scheduled date. You can always plan to get to your shoot about 10 minutes early so that we can talk about your outfits colors and make a plan for hair and make up. You want to arrive with a clean and moisturized face and clean and completely dry hair.

Where is your studio?

We are located at 606 S Black Horse Pike Unit B,  Somerdale NJ 08083

Can I just purchase the digital images?

All of our collections include an add on option. Our à la carte digital images only apply when adding them to an Album or Folio box purchase. These digitals come on a personalized flash drive for you to download and you can share. We never share any of your images via the Internet!

Do you offer print products?

We have a variety of albums and luxury folio boxes with prints in them. The folio box has 10, 15, or 20 8 x 10 prints in a 11 x14 black matte in an absolutely stunning Folio Box. Each album has the ability to have a page upgrade as well as we have physical samples within our studio.

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Laura Turner

The Creative Shutter - Lead Photographer

About the Author

Laura is a boudoir photographer in southern New Jersey who helps women see their true vision and beauty through her lens. She is known for her amazing feather wings, beautiful robes, and large client closet that everyone has access to when they walk into her studio.

When Laura is not taking photos, she’s a busy mom of two who loves spending time with her family and enjoys staying fit by training for her next fitness competition. Her favorite foods are tacos and chocolate cake.

Laura is known for her strong work ethic, dedication, and laser focus when it comes to achieving her goals. Her commitment to her clients is what makes her one of the best boudoir photographers in the tri state area.

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