We are moving..

That’s correct, and it’s not just up the street.

I feel like we’ve been down this road before. Many times. No we are not a military family, we have just moved so many times in the past 17 years you’d think we were one. My husband and I are originally from PA, moved to MD, and then to NJ in 2011. We got married, had kids, all while packing up and unpacking from house to house and state to state. See my retail job moved me from King of Prussia to Wilmington DE and then the big move to White Marsh MD. 

I established my business in Cherry Hill NJ in 2017 when I realized I wanted to follow my creative dreams.

I wanted to capture memories one shutter at a time, and that’s when I came up with my business name The Creative Shutter. I did all of the genres of photography. Newborn, family, toddlers, seniors, and weddings. But I fell in love with boudoir. So I started to put all of my focus in this style of photography. All of the education, training, lighting, and posing helped to get me to be one of the most sought out boudoir photographers in NJ and PA. 

2018 I was introduced to boudoir.

I was soooo shy to get in front of the camera. Just like any other woman, I just had my daughter a few years prior and was not happy with the way I looked. But my friend encouraged me to do it and I fell in love with the style of photography. That lead me to thinking about getting into my own studio and pursuing my dream to photograph women from all over the tri-state. 

2019 I shot a few sessions here and there out of a friend’s makeup studio. I have two tubs full of props and an air mattress. I made magic with very little props. Feb 2020, I signed a lease and started to move into a little office in downtown Haddonfield. I wasn’t even fully moved in until Covid hit and I had to pull out of that space.  I put all of my business savings into starting my studio dreams just to have them ripped right out from under me. I didn’t stop pushing for my dreams. August 2020 I moved into a shared space with 4 other amazing creatives in Burlington NJ. Those 6 months were the stepping stone for my business. 

Laura Turner owner of the creative shutter photography based in York PA

January 2021 I opened my very first studio in Somerdale NJ.

It was right on the pike and not my number one choice, but it again was a great stepping stone. Moving into that studio was the BEST decision I ever made. It helped me to save and move into a larger space in Voorhees. Now that is where I truly found myself. I was able to be super creative in a larger space. I held a huge grand opening event that followed with tons of brand awareness for the South NJ market.

The Creative Shutter Photography Somerdale NJ studio
Somerdale NJ studio 2021-2022

Then another move dropped right into our laps.

Now this move isn’t like the others. I wasn’t just moving towns here. I was moving STATES. And not like 30-60 minutes up the road. Let’s talk about 3 hours away from Voorhees NJ. Like I stated above we are from PA, to be exact my husband is from York PA and I am from Chester County PA. This move we have been working on for close to 5 years, I just didn’t think it was going to come so soon. So while I’ve busted my ass over the past four years to grow my business in the South NJ and Philadelphia area I find myself building a whole new brand awareness in Central PA.

Moving to York PA has been a great experience. A ton of tears as I move this business I’ve worked so hard to build, but good tears. Sometimes a little restart is what the mind, body, soul, and business needs.

So come join me as I embark on a whole new journey in a brand new market. A Philly suburb girl right back in the country where she belongs! I will be reopening my studio come late fall 2023, NJ peeps don’t you worry I still have a location that I have access to in Philadelphia! But if you want my “creative touch” you will have to take the trip to visit me in my York PA studio! 

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